About Us

The Osservatorio ECM Euronext Growth Milan, born in 2014, is the specialized financial research center managed by IRTOP Consulting study office, institutionally dedicated to Euronext Growth Milan, the stock market of Borsa Italiana for the growth of SMEs.

It develops transversal studies and statistics on the market and operations of listed SMEs, in a context in which the theme of alternative finance and government measures in favour of SMEs are increasingly relevant for the country’s competitiveness.

It is the reference for the listing of SMEs, for which it carries out analyzes for the purposes of ECM assessment, thanks to a vertical know-how and an in-depth knowledge of financials, regulations and investment logics. For investors, it represents the basis of sectorial and benchmark studies for the analysis of listed financial instruments. It represents the primary source of information on Euronext Growth Milan, built on a unique proprietary database in terms of detailed analysis level and data collection size, released also through PMI Capital, vertical platform on Euronext Growth Milan.

The Osservatorio ECM Euronext Growth Milan includes analysis and statistics on IPOs, market performance, economic and financial results of listed companies, governance and liquidity. The metrics are made using company sources and data from Borsa Italiana, FactSet and from the main institutional investors operating on the market.

The objectives of the Osservatorio ECM Euronext Growth Milan:

  • reduce the equity gap, spreading the benefits of listing;
  • monitor market trends and provide an overview of the operations of companies with insights on sector dynamics;
  • stimulate the culture of the Equity Capital Markets through reflections and debates between listed companies and investors on stock market issues and development trends;
  • helping to identify best practices in financial reporting for the correct and effective representation of the Equity Stories towards investors;
  • create a network of constructive relationships between SMEs, institutions, media and player in the financial market by sharing opinions, suggestions and stimuli for the development of Euronext Growth Milan among the Italian and international financial community.

The Osservatorio ECM Euronext Growth Milan cooperated to define the Tax Credit for listing process of SMEs, contained in the 2018 Budget Law, entered into force with the Decreto Attuativo of 19 June 2018. The Osservatorio ECM Euronext Growth Milan collaborates with the PMI Capital Research division for the independent analysis (Equity Research) of listed companies and the the feasibility studies of IPO process on Euronext Growth Milan.

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